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See Big Island Volcanoes from the sea

Views of the Mauna Kea summit make a great backdrop for dozens of ocean entry waterfalls cascading over large spectacular sea-cliffs. Mauna Kea becomes snowcapped in the winter adding an element of beauty to this giant mountain.

To the south view the 30+ year eruption of the world’s most active volcano Kilauea. Bottle-nosed & spinner dolphins are always a crowd favorite especially when you see large pods displaying their acrobatic spins close to the boat.

The scenic Onomea Bay is botanical garden masterpiece with over 5000 plant species growing in the valley. Long ago, Onomea Bay was a Hawaiian fishing village rich in beauty and culture revealing a glimpse into Hawaii’s past. From old legends to present day story Onomea Bay continues to be a favorite place to visit for travelers and locals.

Hawaii Waterfall Tours visit large sea caves home to rare sea birds along the scenic Hamakua coast. Big Island Humpback Whales can be seen anytime during this charter whale season in Hawaii is December 1 – April 1. Humpback Whales are become a daily favorite, with sightings on every Hilo whale watching tour. You will see many types of behavior during this important mating time including breaching, fluking, tail slaps, baby Humpbacks (Calves), and competition pods.