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Lava Ocean Entry Continues 3/12/13

The well established ocean entry has been flowing into the sea consistently since November 24, 2012. As of March 12, 2013 we have 3 entry spot each providing amazing views of red hot lava to see as well as surface outbreaks just inland truly a Hawaii lava tour experience of a lifetime. Captain Shane Turpin reports that these flows have provided some of the best views of lava in the past 10 years with multiple rivers entering the sea, cascading lava over large sea cliff, underwater upwellings, bench collapses, a fire hydrant flow, regular explosions bursting into the air a lava show guaranteed to please even the most seasoned Hawaii Travelers. If you’re on the Big Island this is what you came to see. Don’t miss this special chance to watch the birth of your earth come see the lava while still hot & touching the sea.

Lava Boat Tour Times- Book a Tour Now
Pre Dawn Sunrise 2+ hours Adult: $175 Children: $125 depart 5:00AM.
Morning Sunrise 2 hours Adult: $175 Children: $125 depart 7:30AM.
Afternoon 2 hours Adult: $150 Children: $125 depart 3:00PM
Sunset 2 hours Adult: $175 Children: $125 depart 5:00PM.
Twilight 2 hours Adult: $150 Children: $125 depart 7:00PM.
Night Owl 2 hours Adult: $150 Children: $125 depart 9:00PM.
All passengers need to check in 30 minutes prior to departure time.
Our trips are based 100% on nature and natural occurring events. We do not control the lava, unfortunately! Lava Conditions are an ever-changing phenomena & a spectacle to see whether entering the ocean or flowing red rivers of lava down the mountainside. (If Lava is not entering during your tour we will refund you $25 per passenger.)