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Hawaii Volcano Tours to Volcano Kilauea

Our Hawaii Volcano Tours to Volcano Kilauea are Volcano Boat Tours that take you to experience a panoramic view of Hawaii Volcanoes and venture beyond to see the lava’s aftermath of 28+ years of the worlds most active Volcano Kilauea. The 2.5 hour Volcano Boat Tour is a 30 mile cruise to see Black Sand Beaches, Unique Lava Tubes, Seacliffs with lava waterfalls frozen in time, views of active Kilauea eruption, wildlife, stunning lava formations, and stunning tropical lava & jungle landscapes. Our new Hawaii Castaway Adventure is complete Hawaii Volcano Tour to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (HVNP). We boat you 60 miles round trip deep into Volcanoes National Park to explore dozens of lava sea arches, inaccessible ocean lava caves, (HVNP, take a guided snorkel tour, go exploration Scuba Diving, or relax on a white sand beach in East Hawaii’s hidden oasis, Halape!