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Hawaii Lava Tours are Back

Over the past couple days the lava has moved quite rapidly through the forested area of Royal Gardens during tonight’s sunset Volcano Boat Tour we could see lava streaking from the top of the pali (hillside) to the flats which is less then 3 miles from the sea.

The HVO reports

Lava began spilling from the spatter cone on the crater floor at about 09:00 am yesterday and is continuing this morning. The lava is filling in the depression on the east crater floor. Glow from the fissure and a skylight on the southeast flank of Pu`u `O`o continued to be visible in webcam views.

A new webcam on the coastal plain shows lava flows are active in the abandoned Royal Gardens subdivision 6.8 km (4.2 mi) southeast of Pu`u `O`o. The flows appear to have reached nearly half way down the pali by this morning.