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Lava Ocean Tours in Hawaii


Reservations cancelled before 48 hours receive a 90% refund. All cancellations will be assessed a 10% processing fee Cancellations Less than 48 hours will not be refunded it doesn't allow enough time to rebook seats.

All passengers must be from age 4-75 years old and weigh less than 250 pounds, able to climb a 10 ft ladder, no issues with back, neck, or joints including heart problems, osteoporosis, recent injuries, obesity & pregnancy's are not allowed on tour. If handicapped please consult physician before considering tour and inform reservationist during booking. Tour this is a psychical demanding tour in rough open ocean waters not a lake like boat ride. Company reserves the right to cancel an passenger at time of tour if captain feels a guest is unfit for tour.

By pressing SUBMIT I acknowledge that I have read & understand the Cancellation policy, all passengers will be required to sign a liability waiver prior to tour.

Big Island Boat Tours

Big Island Tours offer the premier way to see hot lava touching the sea your front row seat to feel the heat awaits you on vessel “LAVAONE.  Sunrise, Daytime, Sunset & Twilight lava boat tours available.

Lava Ocean Tours other tours offer breathtaking views of the Hamakua coastline waterfalls where you can experience marine life, whales and dolphins.  We offer big game sportfishing tours as well. If you want ocean adventure, we have a tour that matches your interest.

Lava Ocean Boat Lava Ocean Tour
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Seasonal Tours

Yes, Hawaii has seasons!  Our tours focus on the wonders of nature and so we must adhere to Mother Nature’s schedule. These tours are offered on a seasonal basis only.

waterfall-2 Hawaii Waterfall & Dolphin
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Hawaii Whale Watching Tours Whale Watching Tour
lava-ocean-waterfalls-2 Dolphin Snorkel Cruise
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Do something different.Take a boat tour and see Hawaii Island — the “Big Island” — from a new, unique ocean perspective.

Serving three locations: East Hawaii, West Hawaii, North Hawaii (Big Island)

Three vessels: Lavaone || Lava Kai || Hot Spot